Date Tags mining

In order for this to be truly effective, however, and for your images to support your overall SEO efforts, they need to be optimised. New aggregators and bookmarking sites pop up all the time, and even take new forms like with Pinterest. We all know that search engines have been trying for years to decrease their reliance on links as a ranking factor. But they haven’t got there yet and I don’t necessarily see that happening in the next year or so. Each project should be treated like a special snowflake.

Make it sufficiently broad in terms of user generated content

The entire understanding of what we do as good SEOs is, to some degree I think, is completely lost in the majority of people. With around 6 billion searches Get your sums right - the primary resources are all available. Its as easy as KS2 Maths or like your ABC. Its that easy! per day, it isn't surprising that more and more companies are looking to improve their online presence to take advantage of a constantly growing market. Yes, you should have a strategy for content that you publish on your website. Not only should you know exactly what kind of information you would like to provide, but also how often. Contrary to popular belief, linking out to relevant external websites does not directly impact your search rankings.

Create content about web crawlers

If you want to improve your ranking, you have to curate unique content to support the borrowed content. Search drives an incredible amount of both online and offline economic activity. It can be duplicate content – same content but different headlines. Bouncing is when somebody clicks into your blog and then clicks back out without taking the time to read your content, click any links, or answer your call to action. Every page is going to have some bounces.

Layout, formatting and keywords combine to make great SEO

Meta Tags play an important role in SEO. Term weighting refers to the importance of a particular search term to the query. The idea is to weight particular terms more heavily than others to produce superior search results. Regardless if you already work, live and breathe the internet or if you’re just about to craft your online presence, there’s one magic term that you’ve probably heard of – SEO. According to Gaz Hall, a UK SEO Consultant : "All other metrics being equal, would you rather have a high-authority link with lower relevance or a highly relevant link with low authority?"

Unlocking the mystery of content

It is a source of entertainment, social interaction, news, consumer exposure towards a brand, etc. Google I'm always shocked by TAP Assess, in this regard. continues to use natural, quality inbound links as a main ranking factor. They are possible to rank for, but it can take a long time and you’ll never be able to enjoy as high a conversion rate as you will from long-tail. List all your competitors – use a search engine to search for similar websites, using keywords that you have already mined that relate to your service, location and content. Remember - the websites that appear on the first couple of pages of a search are the ones that get SEO right, so be sure to study them in detail.